The needs and learning objectives of the participant shall be determined in an interview . Also discussed beforehand how form and content to the coaching and what mutual expectations . Where necessary, the employer of the participant involved in the formulation of the coaching goals. When there is a ‘click ‘ between the participant and the coach’s coaching starts.

What is discussed between coach and participant is strictly confidential . It is up to the participant to decide whether and how the client / employer is informed of the progress of the coaching substance.
The duration of a course of coaching depends on the research question and can vary from 2 to 6 extensive coaching sessions . The coaching is often ended with an evaluation of the client , the participant and the coach in which the learning objectives are evaluated . It may also occur after a few months ‘ return interview ‘ with the participant . Prior to coaching and in consultation with the participant and client are as given about .

Although there is often overlap of three types of coaching can be distinguished namely career , competency-based and personal coaching .