Rake assessment development

Rake assessment-development specialises in identifying and developing people’s competence in work situations. Their services include assessment and coaching. The agency works in conformity with the code of conduct laid down by the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP).

Among the clients, there are a wide variety of companies and organisations, and with many of them, a cooperative relationship of many years has been built. Rake is working closely with a permanent team of experienced psychologists.

Rake distinguishes itself in its personal and dedicated service and attaches great importance to the idea that the assessment or coaching should not only be instructive, but should also be enjoyed by the candidate.

During an assessment for example the psychologist will support a candidate individually and together they will make an inventory of the candidate’s qualities and development needs. To ensure that the assessment is not unnecessarily lengthy and taxing, the candidate will make part of the preparations at home online.

Rake was started by Michiel Rake (1965), an occupational and organizational psychologist (member of NIP) in 1998. Michiel Rake worked as a consultant with a large multinational company and an HRM consultancy before joining SHL, a leading international consultancy, as a psychologist from 1992 to 1998.