Competence-based coaching improves the development of abilities, for example in relation to leadership, communication, and working with others. The client first gains an insight into his current behavioural style and the coach then advises and trains him to develop new and more effective styles.

Competence-based coaching is an individual training. It uses role-playing (using video) and the client is encouraged to experiment as much as possible with new courses of behaviour in practice. Past experience is evaluated and the advice is accentuated further during the next coaching session.

Sample questions for competence-based coaching:

  • How can I improve my leadership capacities and tune my management to the circumstances?
  • How can I develop a more ‘coaching’ management style?
  • How can I improve my impact and cope more effectively with resistance and obstruction?
  • How can I play the ‘political game’ more skilfully and create a better profile for myself in new contacts?