Everyone thinks and acts according to a pre-conditioned response pattern created by background and experience. The object of personal coaching is to give the client insight into these conditioned response patterns and to provide footholds for more pleasure and awareness in work and life.

Requests for personal coaching often are related to more than one’s job, and will have an impact in private life. Interpretation and re-consideration of one’s way of life are frequently subjects for discussion in personal coaching.

Sample questions in personal coaching:

  • I’m a perfectionist – how can I relax and put things into perspective more easily?
  • I try to please everyone and avoid conflicts. How can I protect my interests better?
  • My job generates much stress and tension. How can I improve my work-life balance and how can I apply my energy more effectively?
  • I’m good at my job, but I lack self-confidence and genuine pleasure in what I do.
  • Why is this, and what can I do about it?