Coaching is an effective instrument for personal development and change. It is an interactive and dynamic cooperation between the coach and the participant. The coach gives feedback and acts as sounding board and interviewer, in order to provide the participant with more self-insight.

This self-insight is the point of departure for a process of development and change in which the coach has an advisory and supporting role.

Coaching should be tailor-made. Each coaching project is unique and demands its own dynamics.The objectives of coaching can vary from learning concrete behavioural skills (such as interview techniques or leadership skills), to exploring career dilemma's and vital questions.

In order to let the dynamics of a coaching project run their own course to the extent possible, Rake avoids the use of a fixed programme or one theoretical framework. Rake does not adhere to one particular school of thought. The approach chosen is attuned as much as possible to the participant's needs and perceptions.