The motivation and commitment of employees greatly depend on the extent to which their individual talents and qualities are being utilised. Competent and motivated employees are the most important prerequisite for a successful organisation.

An assessment is an effective tool to map out an individual employee’s talents and qualities in a clear and objective way. Consequently, the results of an assessment can be used to make well-considered recruitment and career decisions. This is important not only for Rake’s clients, but also for the (potential) employee.

Characteristic of Rake’s approach is that an assessment is conducted individually and that a candidate is not assessed as part of a group. Rake has opted for this method to guarantee candidates optimal privacy and peace. Each individual candidate is attended to by a psychologist during the assessment.

The interview is at the heart of an assessment. During the interview, the psychologist will discuss the results of the various questionnaires and the observations from the role-playing session(s) with the candidate and will test them against reality. An inventory of the candidate’s qualities and development needs will then be made in consultation with the candidate.

The phrasing of assessment questions is designed to measure the abilities necessary for a specific job (job assessment), to identify development needs (development assessment) or to make an inventory of career perspectives (career assessment). Often a combination of these assessment questions is used.