The object of career coaching is to give the client insight into his career objectives and potentials. The key questions here are: ‘What am I capable of, what do I want and how can I achieve my goals?” To achieve a good understanding of personality, abilities, motivation and vocational interests, the client completes a number of questionnaires (online), which are discussed during a following session. The client receives a number of instrument reports. Previous work experience is also discussed in detail and a sound inventory is made to explore whether career goals are realistic. 

Where necessary, the client will be helped to look for a new job, in which case he will for example be trained for job interviews and advised on effective job-hunting tactics.

Sample questions in career coaching:

  • I’m ready for a new challenge/job environment, but I don’t know what I’m capable of and what I want.
  • What is preventing me to take action?
  • What are my motives at work and would a management position suit me?
  • What position and organisation would do my talents fully justice? I like my current job, but do I have unsuspected talents or have I overlooked alternatives?
  • How can I present myself better in a job interview?